How to edit GTK themes efficiently

qubodup, April 8th, 2010

My GTK theme editing workflow/setup in small windows

  1. GTK app window which contains the element(s) of which you want to change the look (I wanted to change the link color in Firefox’ UI, in this case “See All Recommended Add-ons”)
  2. gtk-theme-switch2 [AUR] which allows you to apply a theme to all existing windows with the press of “Apply”
  3. Two editor windows, one with the theme that you work on, one with the theme that you learn from

What you have to do is the following: install some themes, then switch between them until you find one that changes something you want to change. Then open this theme’s file and learn how it does what you want to do. Repeat. Use the theme switch to constantly test your changes.

PS: Zenburn woot!

Zen! Burn! Attack!

PPS: The Widget Factory [AUR] is superb in showing many of the elements you might have missed in your theme.

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